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Our Approach

Our Approach

For over 10 years Drip n Rip Vapes has brought the highest quality premium products and juice to the market.  We have become known as the shop that has everything a vaping enthusiast wants and needs.  We put everything to the test.  If it doesn't cut the mustard with us, we know it won't work for our customers.  We have brought that same approach to market with Texas CBD.  We have a very large selection and multiple solutions for anyone wanting to experience life painfree and stress free with CBD.  There are many ways for CBD to be metabolized in the body.  Let us help you find the right solution.

Our Story

Our Story

We began our journey in 2014 having a very strong desire to help individuals quit smoking and enjoy a healther life style. years later, we have a very loyal following and many locations to continue our desire to help folks.  It's all about family here.  It begins with our employees.  They are an extension of the love we have for this industry.  It was an additional calling for us bring in CBD. It simply is another way to provide a healthier alternative for pain, anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and many other ailments.  All you have to do is come in and visit with us.  We make it easy, relaxing, and fun.  When you arrive, you will quickly feel the passion we have to help you.

Meet the Team

lacy and steven

Steven and Lacy Hobble

Founder & Partner

Founder of Drip n Rip Vapes
Passion for family and helping the community.
Managing Partner - Beta Tester, Personnel, Human Resources, Buyer - Lead on all Business Decisions and Product Delivery.

shawn and suzanne vape shop georgetown

Shawn and Suzanne Hobble


Managing Partner - Passion for developing new products to market.  Lead Buyer and operating the number one revenue producing vape shop in Georgetown, TX.  In charge of identifying and purchasing real estate for future growth.

Texas CBD - Mike

Mike and Shareasa Hobble


Managing Partner - Passion for Growth and developing Drip n Rip Vapes as the top revenue producing shop in Texas.  Loves Family and outdoor activities, coaching, mentoring.  Lead on Daily Operations, Finance, and Marketing.

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